Mahler, Gustav: Sinfonie Nr. 6 a-moll

Slowenische Philharmonie Ljubljana

Classical Gallery 7031, 1989

Enthaltene Werke

Mahler, Gustav: Sinfonie Nr. 6 a-moll


Well, but better with Slovenian Philharmonic

This is a live recording with the Netherlands Phil. Orchestra, now edited in a Mahler integral in Brilliant, the first movt., a "march", is something slow, like in Barbirolli's, I prefer the Haenchen's studio recording of this work in OPUS with the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (Philarmonia Slavonica), from the 80's, an energetic, dinamic, colourful interpretation in only one CD, in a bargain collection. Haenchen is an inmense conductor and I think the appropiate conductor for (for example) Philadelphia or NY orchestras in USA. I recommend you to visit his web direction in "www.haenchen.net" Oscar Olavarria
www.amazon.com, 16. April 2005