Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Konzert-Arien KV 538, KV 582, KV 583, KV 490, KV 78 (73 b), KV 79 (73 d), KV 528, KV 272, KV 369

Kammerorchester C.Ph.E. Bach mit Christiane Oelze (Sopran) und Antje Weithaas (Solo-Violine; KV 490)

BERLIN Classics 0010942BC, 1993

Enthaltene Werke

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Ah se in ciel, benigne stelle F-Dur KV 538

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Chi sà, chi sà qual sia C-Dur KV 582

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Vado, ma dove? oh Dei! KV 583

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Ch'io mi scordi di te? - Non temer, amato bene KV 490

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Per pièta, bell'idol mio Es-Dur KV 78 (73 b)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Oh, temerario Arbace - Per quel paterno amplesso KV 79 (73 d)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Bella mia fiamma, addio - Resta, oh cara C-Dur KV 528

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Ah, lo previdi! - Ah, t'invola - Deh, non varcar KV 272

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Misera, dove son! - Ah! non son'io che parlo Es-Dur KV 369


Ebenfalls eine tolle CD. Die Arien sind allesamt wunderbar interpretiert und Haenchen weiß sowieso wie gute Musik klingen muss!
www.tamino-klassikforum.at, 24. February 2005
Haenchen is a considerate conductor, the orchestra plays well, and the sound is excellent.

Ralph V. Lucano
Fanfare, 01. February 1995
In der Abteilung Vokalmusik erhielt die CD Berlin Classics 1094-2 den
Preis der Deutschen Schallplatten-Kritik
FONOFORUM, 01. December 1994
... She is helped greatly by the keen feeling for phrase and rhythm in her conductor Hartmut Haenchen and his players. Their work is sufficiently strong in expression for the young singer to have at any rate some of the responsibility taken off her shoulders, and for a listener to be able to enjoy the voice and technical accomplishment which are in such fine flower. She sings a melody both gently and firmly, without pressing or fussing it; her scale-work is immaculate, as is her intonation. The tone itself is the most lovely thing of all, and we have to reflect that greater expressiveness may come with time, but this is that precious and often short-lived season, the springtime of the voice.
Gramophone (GB), 01. December 1994
Einen galanten, aber stets straff gehaltenen Begleitton schlägt das Kammerorchester "CPhE Bach" unter Hartmut Haenchen an.

Berliner Zeitung, 01. September 1994