CDs / DVDs, 20. June 2011
5 out of 5 stars
At last a modern Hollander

At last a modern "Fliegende Holländer", conducted by that master conductor Haenchen, with the Netherlands Phil orchestra. He of the Dutch Ring fame, which uses the notes Wagner made during the 1876 first Ring. The tempi in this opera is swift which brings the emotion to the fore. Slow conducting is the death of opera. The staging is modern. Myth for today, not yesterday, or in the good old days. I like the ending when the tenor shoots both Senta and the Dutchman. A nice touch. The singers, Catherine Naglestad as Senta, Robert Lloyd, as Daland (He has been going for ages), Erik, Marco Jentzsch, the Dutchman, Juha Uusitalo are all good. (he is Wotan in the Valencia Ring). The other parts are well sung. The choir is a credit to the opera. I do not think the traditionalists will like the staging of this opera.So do not complain if you buy it, you have been warned.