CDs / DVDs, 25. August 2014
... Yet it seems to have had the purpose of more directly stirring the emotions than dourly celebrating the relationship between God and humanity. Piety was not reinforced either by Emanuel’s father’s weightiness; still less by the lightness of the galant style. Rather, by a direct appeal - in places almost operatic - to the heart. C.P.E. aimed to ‘set the heart in motion’.
That is precisely what the three female and two male singers do on these two CDs with both the RIAS Kammerchor and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Chamber Orchestra very enthusiastically and deftly conducted by specialist Hartmut Haenchen. The singers are neither too forward in attempting to project what the music already conveys by itself; this is actually not opera. Nor are they reticent in bringing out each nuance from Bach’s intricate and finely filigree lines. ...
If exploring C.P.E. Bach for the first time, or getting to know his work in the tercentenary year, this is a good place to start. There is passion, insight and technical brilliance to be heard.
Mark Sealey

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