CDs / DVDs, 28. April 2006
An All-Mozart Programme conducted by Hartmut Haenchen
- In the present performance, Haenchen and a reduced ensemble succeed in bringing to life the music's manifold characteristics through the translucency of the part-writing. Whether light-heartedness, songlike lyricism, drama or inspired polyphonic writing: everything breathes the spirit of Mozart
- Time and again, critics have praised the orchestra's stylistic assurance, transparent textures and technical precision
- Hartmut Haenchen is a man of considerable gravitas, now in his sixties this is an artist to be rediscovered, a highly dedicated artist with a breadth of experience who exudes warmth and charm
- Stefan Vladar's extraordinarily sensitive touch and stylistic assurance make him an ideal partner for Haenchen and his orchestra
- Vladar was only twenty when, as the youngest of 140 participants, he won the International Beethoven Piano Competition in Vienna
- Brand new recording - state-of-the-art quality