CDs / DVDs, 14. Februar 2011
Luminous Mozart
My first order of this DVD from the UK never reached me. Then I ordered it from classical_music_superstore and received it a few days later. It was well worth the wait. I had been only vaguely familiar with Hartmut Haenchen and his magnificent Kammerorchester C.Ph.E. Bach before, nor was the pianist Stefan Vladar a household name. When I first played this disk (in outstanding audio and video), I was in for an exquisite treat, and it gets better upon each hearing. Haenchen is a first-rank musician, and so are his group of soloists. They are playing like angels, in effortless collaboration and all standing up. This ca. 30-members orchestra is among the most transparent and, at the same time, most spirited, refined and powerful Mozart ensembles I have heard. The Divertimento K. 113 sets the tone, lightweight as it may be. In the D minor concerto, Vladar shows amazing virtuosity and sensitivity to Mozart's style. He plays wonderful embellishments and often follows the orchestral tutti. I can not find more superlatives for this performance, likewise for the brilliant and luminous Jupiter Symphony. Just listen and see, you will be bowled over.
Gerhard P. Knapp
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