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Das Orchester, 01. September 2013
Auszugsweise wurde der Artikel „Dies ist das Schönste in der Musik“ aus dem 1. Band abgedruckt.
Die englische Zusammenfassung:
‘The most beautiful thing in music.’ Cantabile and (non-)vibrato in contempo- rary performance practice
The article is an extract from Hartmut Haenchen, Werktreue und Interpretation. Er- fahrungen eines Dirigenten (Artistic Fidelity and Interpretation: Experiences of a Conductor), vol. 1. Here, the author makes the case for vibrato as a genuine and truthful element of historically informed performance that unfortunately has been neglected or even reject in recent times. To support his argument he cites various sources from the 17th to the 19th century who all regard vibrato as innate to the human voice and therefore as the ideal that instrumental music, too, should strive to emulate.