CDs / DVDs, 17. September 2011
Shiny and Stylish!, 5 Sterne

I have quite a number of lps of these symphonies with various forces, and they are all quite fine, but all leave you feeling there was something a bit clunky about this Bach son's musical vision. The best is probably the Collegium Aurem record, but still it has that effect. But Haenchen's performance of CPE Bach Symphonies, with the eponymously named chamber orchestra has a shiny precision and tautness that makes the works sound utterly seamless. A vigor that is bright, and especially rigorous while also being very lovely. It just seems that Haenchen really thought out these readings, and they display crucial insights. Some of the awkward sounding arpeggiated figures in other performances, sound that way because they are played like Mozart. And the juxtaposition is not kind to CPE Bach. But those same figures if played as a more sui generis creation, more like an enticing busy musical energy, and not Mozartean poignance, come off sounding really entrancing and different in the best way. These are really genius readings, and the orchestra sound exceptionally fine and rich for a chamber orchestra., 23. August 2009
5 von 5 Sternen

Die Orchesterwerke mit Hartmut Haenchen und die Chorwerke mit Hermann Max sind so gut, dass ich seit vielen Jahren, d.h. seit ich diese Box habe, kaum Bedürfnis nach Alternativaufnahmen verspüre. Die Aufnahmen erhielten den Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik, aber auch von anderen Seiten viel Lob. Die Orchesterwerke werden nicht auf Originalinstrumenten, dafür mit nicht zu großem Kammerorchester dargeboten.