CDs / DVDs, 26. November 2010
excellent perfomances of all three works

All three works on this DVD feature masterful interpretations of Mozart's Jupiter Symphony, 20th piano concerto and divertimiento k.113. The lighting, film quality and sound mastering are all excellent. You feel a richness of timbre that makes one feel as if one is at the concert.

Particularly excellent is the performance of Mozart's brilliant, mysterious, non-linear, psychedelic and nearly incomprehensible Piano Concerto no.20. Stefan Vladar plays a brilliant, energetic, nuanced interpretation of the piano part and hits the complex dynamics of the piece at the proper moments. He plays on a well-tuned concert grand Steinway piano with a fine sound that is well microphoned. You feel the energy of the music, and above all you feel how Mozart takes the listener into sprawling directions of tone, as if the music has a weird fractal energy, like a roller-coaster of notes that leads into weird melodic permutations, then changes direction and cascades into somewhere else. The concerto is music from another planet. It is conceptually non-linear and seems to defy definitive interpretation.