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Gramophone (GB), 01. Januar 1990
From the very first phrases and paragraphs of this disc one feels that here is stylish Mozart playing, distinctly and wittily pointed in the bouncy March No. 1, K335 (with an infectiously gay oboe) and other similarly spirited movements, but appropriately measured, too, where the composer calls for solemnity, as in the initial maestoso of the Posthorn Serenade. As represented here, the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra appear to be a larger body of players than authenticity would demand, but under the skilful direction of Hartmut Haenchen they avoid the kind of heaviness that detracts from vivacity and intimacy. Altogether I found their playing to be most enjoyable. Among many felicities one should not overlook the woodwind in the Concertante-andante and the thoughtful account of the sad D minor Andantino, the third and fifth movements respectively of the Posthorn. The bugle-like posthorn itself also sounds pleasant in its brief contribution to the second movement. The Divertimento in F major, K138, a charming three-movement work of Mozart's mid teens, comes across freshly and attractively. The recording, made in the wellproven location of the Wallonian Church in Amsterdam, sounds natural and agreeable... C.H.