Sinfoniekonzerte, 25. Mai 2016
... Haenchen rendering was perfectly carved, showing his kapellmeister craftsmanship, leading the orchestra and the public in a musical journey through man’s sufferance and despair in war and oppression time. The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra played superbly: powerfully brassy in those moments where the orchestral sound become almost physically painful, lyrical yet refined in the playing of the string the most subtle pianissimo. The German director perfectly mastered, in my opinion, the ambivalent character of this music, which apparently flows from the desolated despair of the vast first movement to the apparently optimistic Finale, which in Haenchen’s view seemed an open question about the possibility of salvation and survival under oppressive conditions.
The public cherished the conductor and orchestra with a standing ovation and repeated calls.
Edoardo Saccenti
Ganze Rezension