Sinfoniekonzerte, 25. Mai 2016
...Haenchen led the orchestra in a gloriously non-filological and breathtakingly non-historically informed performance of Handel’s music: a joy and a fest for the ears for those who would like to listen to baroque music outside the mainstream dictated by the ayatollah of the performance on period (but modern by any means...) instruments. Didn’t Handel write the Music for the Royal Fireworks for a hugeous band? Thus an orchestra of Brucknerian proportion (but faithful to Handel’s orchestration in contrast with Goossens’ reworking of the Messiah, recorded by Beecham, which would be interesting to bring back to the concert hall) to which the Maarschalkerweerd’s organ of the Concertgebouw hall added an extra symphonic dimension.
Edoardo Saccenti
Ganze Rezension