Sinfoniekonzerte, 11. Juni 2016
And then there was the third concert with Hartmut Haenchen and the Netherlands Philharmonic ... It was a brilliant concert of impeccable musicianship led by a master, in the wonderful acoustic, the clarity can be emphasised enough, of this special place. Outstanding.... The Shostakovich was another thing altogether, and a work I've listened to but now I realise, never heard. 1943 - thats what it's all about. 1943. The pain, the anguish, the brutality, the intolerable cruelty, the idiocy, the determination, the human spirit, the aching hopeful resolution, with just a hint of uncertainty, was delivered with an intensity that was bordering on unbearable. The audience was stunned. Mute. After the applause slowly crescendoed, and the audience rose in unison, the calls went on and on, and on, and people took to the aisles to head to the stage in acclamation.
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